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Ron Paul’s Candidacy and Healthy Living Methods

Ron Paul has spent decades in the House trying to get people to think about politics in a different way. Rather than think about “what’s in it for me (or my party)”, his ideas often centered around the very foundations of the USA and how it was built. This candidacy was fraught by marginalization and opponents assigning ideas to him that he didn’t possess in the first place, and ultimately he did not win the candidacy in 2012. Still, he inspired millions of young Americans that people in politics aren’t all cut from the same cloth, and some of them could actually care about what they care about.

Ron Paul is just one piece of the puzzle of politics, but in recent years there’s been a new resurgence of weight loss and attempts to tackle the obesity epidemic at the federal level. With Michelle Obama’s push to curb childhood obesity, which has been a resounding failure thus far, politicians continue to prove they are unable to make large scale structural changes and have them be successful in modifying personal behavior. As it turns out, you cannot guilt people into losing weight, you have to actually change the way their lives function at a root level to do so.

New Treatments with Great Promise

Living a healthy lifestlyeWhenever obesity treatments are discussed, they’re rarely based upon proper information and real studies. People often advocate fad diets, or crash diets, in the hopes they see results quickly. There is quite a bit of clinical evidence that the faster people see the results the better it is for their long term success. However, doing so with extremely abnormal diets, or poor food intake is not going to be the solution. People need a sustainable diet, and they also need something that will keep their metabolism up so that they can lose weight quickly.

There are three major treatments that offer these solutions, each with their own advantages. All three of been clinical proven to work in numerous studies, and all three increase your metabolism naturally.

  1. The HCG diet – This makes use of a natural hormone produced by women during pregnancy.  It’s been shown in several hundred studies at this point that it boosts metabolism and decreases appetite through interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  People who take in HCG will typically lose 20 to 30 pounds per month, averaging around 1 pound per day of fat loss.  This is the most ever seen by any treatment, and it’s typically considered to be 100% natural (and ergo safe).
  2. Garcinia Cambogia – This is a fruit that is found in Africa naturally growing.  It’s been used for centuries by native people to help them lose weight and stay healthy, however, recently it’s been explored for use in obesity treatments in the West.  A recent study clearly shows that garcinia cambogia works and provides weight loss, even without any sort of diet program along with it.  This study’s participants lost 15 pounds within a single month of us, while those not taking garcinis cambogia lost only 3 pounds over that time.  A compound called HCA found in this extract is responsible for these exceptional benefits.
  3. Green Coffee –  Did you know that coffee is naturally green?  During the roasting process much of the best antioxidants and ingredients are actually lost from coffee.  It’s been shown in dozens of recent studies that taking green coffee extract cuts appetite and significantly increases metabolism.  People typically lose 15 or so pounds each month of use without needing to modify their diets.

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