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Garcinia Cambogia Extract As Natural Weight Loss Aid

Among adults around the world, obesity is rising at a record pace.  This is particularly true in developed countries, which are almost all facing a serious crisis in public health.  People continue to look for ways to lose weight and get healthy, however there is only so much that you can do with traditional diet and exercise routines.  These are not only difficult to stick to, but they often can be impossible to sustain in the long term.  Many people wind up with a loss in their energy, and will often fail to achieve any results long term.  Using a weight loss treatment like a diet or exercise program will often result in poor results, as studies have clearly shown.  People who lose weight via cutting calories on average only maintain these results for a few months afterwards.

Raw Opened Garcinia FruitThere are certainly some ways that exist to help people stick to their diets and exercise regimens, and enables them to achieve better success during any diets than they otherwise could do on their own.  One of the most powerful today is the highly suggested “Garcinia Cambogia” extract.  This extract has been used for decades to help people lose weight and stay in shape, but only recently has it caught the attention of researchers and major players such as Doctor Oz.  The chief ingredient responsible for the fat absorption we see from Garcinia is called hydroxycitric acid (or HCA for short).  At a minimum of 50% HCA per capsule, high quality garcinia products have been linked to lower fat uptake in the body, increased metabolism, and decreased appetite in studies.

The Advantages of Using This Treatment Over Alternatives

Anyone who is trying to lose weight using the more traditional diet methods such as a healthy and well-balanced meal plan you know that you will lose weight quickly in the first week, but then it slows down considerably after. This is not the case with Garcinia, as this extract helps you to remove fat directly, prevents the formation of lipids which are stored in your fat cells and helps your body burn fat that has been stored for energy. This results in significantly faster weight loss and is much more sustainable in the long term.

There are several key advantages to using Garcinia Cambogia. The extract actually helps burn calories quicker through increased metabolism, this reduces the likelihood that this will be turned into fat to be stored in your body. In addition, your body will not as easily be able to store fat and will instead burn it directly. Several ingredients in Garcinia have also been shown to absorb fat that we eat, preventing it from being uptaken into the body.  The addition of even moderate exercise into your routine, at a minimum of three days per week, can significantly improved the results while on this extract. However, the extract alone has been shown to be sufficient to cause 15 pounds or more of weight loss every month of use, without requiring any change to diet.

Whenever you change your diet one of the biggest obstacles is hunger, which seems to increase exponentially once you cut calories. This is your body’s natural response as it tries to fix what it sees as deficiency in food intake.  One of the more popular ways of combating this is to break up the three meals per day into six smaller ones, but this is not the only solution. Garcinia actually has been shown to suppress appetite and this means that you will feel less hungry during any diet while you’re on the product. This means you eat less, and you burn more, but this occurs in a pain-free manner.

One of the biggest questions that people often ask about this weight loss method is whether there are any unwanted side effects. Much research has been conducted on this and the results have been clear, Garcinia Cambogia does not produce any unwanted or negative side effects in typical cases. Garcinia is a completely natural treatment and therefore is not suspected of causing any problems. Keeping your weight loss sustainable over a long period of time is essential to avoiding common complications of weight loss which include: rapid weight gain after discontinuation of the method, significant hunger, or lack of energy.

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