The Most Successful Weight Loss – Research Discovers A Hormone Method

If you were to ask the average dieters what they believed the secret to their successful weight loss would be, they may say how many calories they eat or how much they exercise. No doubt, these two factors are very important, and often impact whether or not you ultimately succeed losing weight. However, these are not the only things you need to think about when you’re trying to lose weight. Sure they are important, but there are also key methodologies that can help you to succeed.  Just trying to diet or exercise more has a very poor success rate.  Studies clearly show that people who try to do this over a long period only rarely lose weight permanently. Less than 5% of those who start such a plan will succeed in keeping the weight off after one year.  There are, in fact, ways to increase your chances of successful weight loss however.

One Rapid Weight Loss MethodDr. ATW Simeons in the 1950s discovered that the HCG hormone, the glycoprotein produce when they’re pregnant, has incredible benefits for users trying to lose weight. This hormone works by directly impacting the brain’s hypothalamus gland, boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite directly. This results in rapid weight loss, far above the levels just provided by dieting.  Studies have verified the use HCG to help with weight loss, a recent study showing that users of this hormone lost 400% more total fat than if they were just on the diet alone.  It’s been shown that this hormone causes the body to burn more fat, providing more energy, and decreasing appetite enabling people to stick to any weight loss program for a longer period of time without problems.

How to Go on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a three phase program designed around taking this hormone daily, and a diet that will maximize the results the user receives.  On average, people will lose 1 pound per day during this period (equivalent to a fat burning coefficient of around 3500 calories per day).  This is far higher than with any other supplement known.  The reasons for this are two fold.  HCG boosts metabolism, keeping it high during even the most stringent diets.  Secondly, the protocol itself is a low calorie method, designed to burn fat as quickly and sustainably as possible.  Two phase 2 diets are permitted, a 500 or 700 calorie per day program, designed around boosting your weight loss to truly outrageous levels as quickly as possible.

HCG can be administered in a few different ways (pills, drops or injections), and it’s really up to the user which they prefer.  One of the most common methods is the use of sublingual oral HCG drops –  These have a much easier administration method than injections, as you simply place the drops under your tongue and allow them to be absorbed therein.  They don’t need any sort of pain, and are also a lot cheaper since most of the time you don’t need a prescription for them.  Injections, however, are very effective and a direct stream for the hormone to go into your body.  These are expensive, often running several thousand dollars for a full weight loss period, but many people select them instead of the more easier oral options.

The HCG diet works in a very unique way, but requires some commitment to the protocol to succeed.  Still, given the roughly 35 pounds of weight loss for every 40 or so days on the program, it represents the fastest and most effective obesity treatment in the world today.  Scientists and researchers recommend this method more than any other, and it’s clear why given these sort of results.  This is a non-exercise program, however, and people need to keep this in mind.  It’s designed solely as a way to boost how quickly you can lose weight in a natural manner.

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