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Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Has this ever happened to you? When you face down failed attempts to diet and watch your weight loss, only to find out that your body starts shutting down after a few weeks of success? This stalement occurs far too often, whether the person is using a proven method like real HCG or another popular weight loss technique that’s also proven effective. Your scale stops moving daily and you just can’t seem to make any progress anymore. This is the point that nearly all dieters fail, but there are many ways a person can also overcome these problems and kickstart their progress once again.

These plateaus are common and have been identified in hundreds of studies as being a significant detriment to weight loss. Your body is designed to adapt to changes in the foods you eat, which means that it will make changes to your metabolism to continue your present weight and prevent weight loss. In order to keep your body from hitting these plateaus, you need to keep your body guessing, changing up your diet, your exercise regimen and you food intake regularly so that your body will burn more stored fat to meet these demands.

Weight Loss PlateausRoot Out Problems in Your Diet

It’s not advisable to restrict your diet to a handful of calories per day, at least without outside help from other methods like HCG or metabolic boosters. The key is really just to avoid processed foods, and make your diet about raw and natural foods primarily. Though there is always some general advice on the number of carbs to eat per day (50-55% of your calories for example) many people experience breaks in plateaus when they switch from carb heavy to protein heavy and visa versa. Other people may be more sensitive to other things, such as fat intake, or caloric content in general, so changing this up as well may be sufficient to break plateaus.

Increasing How Often You Have Meals

One of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism if you’re struggling during your diet is to split up your food intake into a few meals per day. Rather than just 3 (or 2 meals as is often the case) you should increase this to 5 smaller meals to keep your metabolism working all day long. This helps tremendously, as your body will process and consume that food and assume more is coming shortly.  This helps boost your metabolism substantially. This is also one of the most effective ways to control cravings, which are often a major problem for dieters.

Change Up Your Calorie Intake

If you cut calories massively, sure you will lose weight quickly. There’s no doubt about that, but eventually your body will adapt and begin to conserve its stored fat as well. Prolonging this period is possible with help from things like the HCG hormone, but it’s not often able to be achieved through normal calorie deficit means. Your body will enter starvation mode quickly, and you will burn far fewer calories.  This loss of metabolic rate is hard to control, and merely exercising will not guarantee that it will remain high. As a result, it’s advised that dieters switch up their caloric intake and avoid staying on the same calories per day over long periods of time. You want to switch between a normal diet, and a low calorie diet, so that your body loses the fat on the low calorie days and increases your metabolism on the more normalized days. Unless you’re doing something that helps maintain metabolism, like the HCG hormone, this is the best solution.

Increase your Duration and Frequency

Many people use exercise to help them along in their weight loss. This is certainly a great addition to any weight loss methodology, even those that typically say they don’t require it. A good number for cardiovascular exercise is try to get at least 30 minutes in per session, or at least 3 hours per week total. This may not be achievable with your schedule, in which case doing more rigorous muscle building exercises like weight training helps to burn fat as well. Muscle helps to burn fact quickly.

If you are regularly lasting upwards of 60 minutes on your workouts, the next thing if you’re not receiving results is to check out the frequency of the exercises. You should be aiming for several times per week for exercise, though you can go as much as seven or so times per week! This can really turn your results around and help you to increase your metabolism.

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The Most Successful Weight Loss – Research Discovers A Hormone Method

If you were to ask the average dieters what they believed the secret to their successful weight loss would be, they may say how many calories they eat or how much they exercise. No doubt, these two factors are very important, and often impact whether or not you ultimately succeed losing weight. However, these are not the only things you need to think about when you’re trying to lose weight. Sure they are important, but there are also key methodologies that can help you to succeed.  Just trying to diet or exercise more has a very poor success rate.  Studies clearly show that people who try to do this over a long period only rarely lose weight permanently. Less than 5% of those who start such a plan will succeed in keeping the weight off after one year.  There are, in fact, ways to increase your chances of successful weight loss however.

One Rapid Weight Loss MethodDr. ATW Simeons in the 1950s discovered that the HCG hormone, the glycoprotein produce when they’re pregnant, has incredible benefits for users trying to lose weight. This hormone works by directly impacting the brain’s hypothalamus gland, boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite directly. This results in rapid weight loss, far above the levels just provided by dieting.  Studies have verified the use HCG to help with weight loss, a recent study showing that users of this hormone lost 400% more total fat than if they were just on the diet alone.  It’s been shown that this hormone causes the body to burn more fat, providing more energy, and decreasing appetite enabling people to stick to any weight loss program for a longer period of time without problems.

How to Go on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a three phase program designed around taking this hormone daily, and a diet that will maximize the results the user receives.  On average, people will lose 1 pound per day during this period (equivalent to a fat burning coefficient of around 3500 calories per day).  This is far higher than with any other supplement known.  The reasons for this are two fold.  HCG boosts metabolism, keeping it high during even the most stringent diets.  Secondly, the protocol itself is a low calorie method, designed to burn fat as quickly and sustainably as possible.  Two phase 2 diets are permitted, a 500 or 700 calorie per day program, designed around boosting your weight loss to truly outrageous levels as quickly as possible.

HCG can be administered in a few different ways (pills, drops or injections), and it’s really up to the user which they prefer.  One of the most common methods is the use of sublingual oral HCG drops –  These have a much easier administration method than injections, as you simply place the drops under your tongue and allow them to be absorbed therein.  They don’t need any sort of pain, and are also a lot cheaper since most of the time you don’t need a prescription for them.  Injections, however, are very effective and a direct stream for the hormone to go into your body.  These are expensive, often running several thousand dollars for a full weight loss period, but many people select them instead of the more easier oral options.

The HCG diet works in a very unique way, but requires some commitment to the protocol to succeed.  Still, given the roughly 35 pounds of weight loss for every 40 or so days on the program, it represents the fastest and most effective obesity treatment in the world today.  Scientists and researchers recommend this method more than any other, and it’s clear why given these sort of results.  This is a non-exercise program, however, and people need to keep this in mind.  It’s designed solely as a way to boost how quickly you can lose weight in a natural manner.

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A Number of Seriously Effective Weight Loss Treatments for This Year

Can certainly be challenging to try to lose weight, one of the major requirements for success is your own commitment, whether you are sticking to a set plan or designing your own. A necessary requirement for any healthy weight loss is to add in nutritious dieting as well as physical activities every day.  The most successful people who are losing weight are those that view it as a long-term goal, one that requires a significant commitment and time to achieve.

There are several key ways to ensure that your weight loss plan will ultimately result in success.  One of the biggest factors is keeping a daily food journal that tracks the food you eat every day so that you understand what you’re putting into your body.  Not only are you going to record calories that you eat but also the nutrients and other important factors in the food you eat.  As well as doing these things, another important part of the food journal is rating your hunger levels throughout the day so that you can track the times when they are the most significant, and also help you to control your food intake as much as possible.

Five Key Steps to Ensure Your Dieting Goals Become Reality

Key Steps for Weight Loss Overlooked

Key Steps for Weight Loss Often Overlooked

In spite of our best intentions most people who try to cut calories or go on any sort of diet will ultimately fail to achieve the results they desire.  There are many reasons for this, but by far the most common is a lack of a serious plan that is not only executable, but realistic. We have set out five key steps which can help achieve long-term success whenever you try to lose weight.  This is not a fully comprehensive list, but it does provide some general guidance of where most people fail.

  1. Set realistic goals – People who try to lose five or even 10 pounds of weight loss every week will only really be successful. Sure there are some products out there that can actually help achieve these sorts of results, such as the hCG diet, but these are more the exception to the rule.  The faster you lose weight in a crash diet the faster you will gain it back later.  You need to design goals for both the short term in the longer term.  Meeting the short goals first as a motivation factor, and longer term goals that define your ultimate success.
  2. Make a list of reasons for your weight loss and the benefits of doing so – It’s important to understand your motivation and keep in mind during your diet.  Knowing why you’re doing something, such as for more self-confidence or better health, will help you to stay motivated and stick to the protocol that you have designed.
  3. Reward yourself every time you reach a short-term goal – It’s important to take time to congratulate yourself every time you reach a point that you’ve been striving for.  These should not be food based rewards, but instead should be something you normally don’t do for yourself, such as a weekend out playing golf or even a visit to spa with friends.
  4. Cut your daily calorie intake – It’s no real secret that all weight loss comes down to is burning more calories than you take in from food.  Something like 3000 calories is equal to a pound of fat, so just by cutting calories by 500 per day will allow you to lose a pound a week.
  5. Healthier foods actually make you feel more full – Many people believe that foods high in carbs or fats will make them feel fuller, but the reality is that natural vegetables and fruits, whole grains and even lean proteins actually work best in this regard.  These are low in calories and also provide the nutrients your body needs which send signals to your brain which cut your appetite.

These suggestions are just that, they’re not meant to be necessary absolutely for you to succeed.  Yet research, time and time again, has shown people who manage their expectations and create a diet strategy that will actually be sustainable over a long period of time will succeed far more than they would otherwise.  Just doing a handful of these things improves the likelihood of weight loss success one year later from the low 5% range to over 25%. This alone is a good enough reason to take this seriously.

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract As Natural Weight Loss Aid

Among adults around the world, obesity is rising at a record pace.  This is particularly true in developed countries, which are almost all facing a serious crisis in public health.  People continue to look for ways to lose weight and get healthy, however there is only so much that you can do with traditional diet and exercise routines.  These are not only difficult to stick to, but they often can be impossible to sustain in the long term.  Many people wind up with a loss in their energy, and will often fail to achieve any results long term.  Using a weight loss treatment like a diet or exercise program will often result in poor results, as studies have clearly shown.  People who lose weight via cutting calories on average only maintain these results for a few months afterwards.

Raw Opened Garcinia FruitThere are certainly some ways that exist to help people stick to their diets and exercise regimens, and enables them to achieve better success during any diets than they otherwise could do on their own.  One of the most powerful today is the highly suggested “Garcinia Cambogia” extract.  This extract has been used for decades to help people lose weight and stay in shape, but only recently has it caught the attention of researchers and major players such as Doctor Oz.  The chief ingredient responsible for the fat absorption we see from Garcinia is called hydroxycitric acid (or HCA for short).  At a minimum of 50% HCA per capsule, high quality garcinia products have been linked to lower fat uptake in the body, increased metabolism, and decreased appetite in studies.

The Advantages of Using This Treatment Over Alternatives

Anyone who is trying to lose weight using the more traditional diet methods such as a healthy and well-balanced meal plan you know that you will lose weight quickly in the first week, but then it slows down considerably after. This is not the case with Garcinia, as this extract helps you to remove fat directly, prevents the formation of lipids which are stored in your fat cells and helps your body burn fat that has been stored for energy. This results in significantly faster weight loss and is much more sustainable in the long term.

There are several key advantages to using Garcinia Cambogia. The extract actually helps burn calories quicker through increased metabolism, this reduces the likelihood that this will be turned into fat to be stored in your body. In addition, your body will not as easily be able to store fat and will instead burn it directly. Several ingredients in Garcinia have also been shown to absorb fat that we eat, preventing it from being uptaken into the body.  The addition of even moderate exercise into your routine, at a minimum of three days per week, can significantly improved the results while on this extract. However, the extract alone has been shown to be sufficient to cause 15 pounds or more of weight loss every month of use, without requiring any change to diet.

Whenever you change your diet one of the biggest obstacles is hunger, which seems to increase exponentially once you cut calories. This is your body’s natural response as it tries to fix what it sees as deficiency in food intake.  One of the more popular ways of combating this is to break up the three meals per day into six smaller ones, but this is not the only solution. Garcinia actually has been shown to suppress appetite and this means that you will feel less hungry during any diet while you’re on the product. This means you eat less, and you burn more, but this occurs in a pain-free manner.

One of the biggest questions that people often ask about this weight loss method is whether there are any unwanted side effects. Much research has been conducted on this and the results have been clear, Garcinia Cambogia does not produce any unwanted or negative side effects in typical cases. Garcinia is a completely natural treatment and therefore is not suspected of causing any problems. Keeping your weight loss sustainable over a long period of time is essential to avoiding common complications of weight loss which include: rapid weight gain after discontinuation of the method, significant hunger, or lack of energy.

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The Key Components of Healthy Weight Loss and Living Better

If you’re looking for ways to be healthier and fitter you are not alone.  There are literally millions of people who are struggling with the same issues, today one of our goals is to look at some of the key elements which can help you to achieve healthy weight loss.  Arming yourself with enough information to succeed is essential to successfully losing those stubborn extra inches.  Many people mistakenly believe that simply eating less and working out more often is actually going to help them lose weight in the long term.  This is a common misconception is perpetuated by everyone from dietitians to talking head TV personalities, but it has no basis in reality.  It’s important to organize the weight loss program that actually will work and develop the proper mindset which is essential for success.

Five Things to ConsiderYou see someone achieve success losing weight, whether it’s on a TV commercial or somewhere else, you have to realize that this not happen overnight.  They had to work for this and maintain a healthy diet and typically exercise continuously for long periods.  This sort of thing is actually very difficult, particularly when trying to do it alone.  Before you think about getting a gym membership and making a commitment to lose weight, there are many other things you need to consider.

  1. You need the right attitude, mindset and motivation – The saying that, “If there is a will there is a way” is never more true than when you’re trying to lose weight.  It is true that if you want something enough, you will find a way to obtain it.  What do you do if you want something? Do you hope and pray that it happens without any work? No, you work hard to achieve it and make it possible.  If you want to have better health, a healthier body and to lose weight you have to work hard in order to achieve your goals.
  2. You need to set your goals – You need to set your goals so that you have an idea of where you’re going.  Do you want to produce lean muscle, or do you want to achieve long-lasting stamina? Goal setting is a critical part of any weight loss strategy, the goal should not only be lofty, but they should be attainable.  Making a list of targets even if their small is an important part of tracking your progress.
  3. You must commit to the change and commit to making it a habit – If you start dieting or exercising with the end goal of losing weight and getting in shape you may not be thinking about what happens at the end.  Do you eventually stop your diet? Do you eventually stop exercising? This people who are successful losing weight actually fundamentally change their habits.  You need to incorporate habits that are “good, active, fit and healthy”.  Remember habits are very difficult to break, but replacing them with good habits makes it much easier.
  4. Continue to eat, rest and exercise -For instance, if you switch your diet to something where you are eating food six times a day you want make sure that you take the time out of your day to do this.  And also it is incredibly important to sleep a minimum of eight hours every day, otherwise you risk a lack of energy.  Without energy is unlikely you will be able to exercise as well as you should.
  5. Keep Track of Your Progress – Once you put in the work and dedication it takes to lose weight, it’s important to take the time to notice how far you’ve come and how close you are to goals.  Keep track of this, it will help you maintain a healthy outlook on your weight loss.

The very idea of having a healthy weight loss protocol is to be aware of the essentials that will make or break your success.  The biggest challenge is the creation of a plan that you can actually execute and stay motivated during.  With the proper mindset and the proper determination it’s possible to achieve success.  It’s not just losing weight, you will in the end have a better quality of life when you started.  Keep this in mind that will help you stay motivated to reach her goals of the healthy body and better well-being.

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The Biggest Weight Loss Challenges to Overcome

It’s always difficult to lose weight and get healthy, there really aren’t any quick fixes to this problem. In spite of our best efforts to lose weight and get in shape, many people will ultimately fail to do so in the end. New research clearly indicates that users who are trying to lose weight quickly are more successful in the long term, but this is often a problem as well. Many people who have abnormal expectations of their weight loss will typically not wind up losing any weight in a sustainable fashion. It’s important to temper expectations to reality whenever possible to avoid conflicts.

Keeping Weight Off Over Time Is a Challenge

Losing weight is not some simple task that just requires cutting calories, a sustainable plan needs to be organized. If you just cut out foods you enjoy, you’ll wind up right back where you started in the end. This is one of the biggest factors impacting weight loss over the long term. It’s a good idea in many cases to find a natural weight loss aid that can actually help you reach your results, quickly. This is important as the risk of failure increases substantially the longer it takes to lose weight. You will want something that significantly increases your ability to lose weight, but also allows you to enter into a sustainable, long term diet (one that is designed well so you don’t feel like you’re “missing” your favorite foods).

Let’s say you enter into a diet that tries to cut out all of your carbs that you eat per day, and wants you to sustain this forever. This just isn’t practical, and no one is able to achieve this level of diligence. It’s not a failure of the dieter that causes these problems not to work, rather it’s a failure of the diet itself. Creating a plan that limits bad foods, but still permits them on occasion, is important. In addition, a diet that works should be designed around proper nutrition and tasty meals.

Juggling Weight Loss ChallengesPeople should not be selecting methods that revolve around wholesale changes to their diet, that limit not only the foods they eat, but the exercises they can do as well. This is ok, for a time, during the diet phase itself. No weight loss program should try to limit these foods or exercises indefinitely, as it will never ultimately work for users. It’s important to make changes such as switching from processed foods to healthier options, and this is a sustainable way to go about making changes. However, going from eating the foods you enjoy to eating things you don’t (such as with the Atkins diet) is not going to work out in the end.

If you use a treatment to help you lose weight, you also want it to be as natural as possible. There are many prescription treatments out there which claim to offer results. Some may in fact work decently well, but they also carry with them some serious side effects. Natural treatments, like garcinia cambogia or the HCG diet, offer significant weight loss benefits (such as metabolic increases or appetite suppressing effects) but are completely natural. As such, the side effects typically seen from their use is minimal and most people shouldn’t experience problems.

There are many risks when taking on any weight loss technique, both to yourself and to your health. You need to choose a method that is safe, natural and effective to help you have the best chance of success. There are many choices that fit this bill, but few of them involve crash dieting or wholesale cuts to what foods you can eat in the long term. Temporary changes are ok, if they’re part of a broader plan, but nothing should be completely removed permanently from any diet in order for it to work.

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Ron Paul’s Candidacy and Healthy Living Methods

Ron Paul has spent decades in the House trying to get people to think about politics in a different way. Rather than think about “what’s in it for me (or my party)”, his ideas often centered around the very foundations of the USA and how it was built. This candidacy was fraught by marginalization and opponents assigning ideas to him that he didn’t possess in the first place, and ultimately he did not win the candidacy in 2012. Still, he inspired millions of young Americans that people in politics aren’t all cut from the same cloth, and some of them could actually care about what they care about.

Ron Paul is just one piece of the puzzle of politics, but in recent years there’s been a new resurgence of weight loss and attempts to tackle the obesity epidemic at the federal level. With Michelle Obama’s push to curb childhood obesity, which has been a resounding failure thus far, politicians continue to prove they are unable to make large scale structural changes and have them be successful in modifying personal behavior. As it turns out, you cannot guilt people into losing weight, you have to actually change the way their lives function at a root level to do so.

New Treatments with Great Promise

Living a healthy lifestlyeWhenever obesity treatments are discussed, they’re rarely based upon proper information and real studies. People often advocate fad diets, or crash diets, in the hopes they see results quickly. There is quite a bit of clinical evidence that the faster people see the results the better it is for their long term success. However, doing so with extremely abnormal diets, or poor food intake is not going to be the solution. People need a sustainable diet, and they also need something that will keep their metabolism up so that they can lose weight quickly.

There are three major treatments that offer these solutions, each with their own advantages. All three of been clinical proven to work in numerous studies, and all three increase your metabolism naturally.

  1. The HCG diet – This makes use of a natural hormone produced by women during pregnancy.  It’s been shown in several hundred studies at this point that it boosts metabolism and decreases appetite through interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland.  People who take in HCG will typically lose 20 to 30 pounds per month, averaging around 1 pound per day of fat loss.  This is the most ever seen by any treatment, and it’s typically considered to be 100% natural (and ergo safe).
  2. Garcinia Cambogia – This is a fruit that is found in Africa naturally growing.  It’s been used for centuries by native people to help them lose weight and stay healthy, however, recently it’s been explored for use in obesity treatments in the West.  A recent study clearly shows that garcinia cambogia works and provides weight loss, even without any sort of diet program along with it.  This study’s participants lost 15 pounds within a single month of us, while those not taking garcinis cambogia lost only 3 pounds over that time.  A compound called HCA found in this extract is responsible for these exceptional benefits.
  3. Green Coffee –  Did you know that coffee is naturally green?  During the roasting process much of the best antioxidants and ingredients are actually lost from coffee.  It’s been shown in dozens of recent studies that taking green coffee extract cuts appetite and significantly increases metabolism.  People typically lose 15 or so pounds each month of use without needing to modify their diets.

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